Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nikkatsu & TOHO 1960-1967: An exhibition of Japanese film photography

There is an amazing looking exhibition of Japanese film posters of the 60's that were made in Thailand.
Nikkatsu & TOHO 1960-1967: An exhibition of Japanese film photography

The collection belongs to Tanja Malo who writes:

"the photos I have were used to design film posters & lobby cards in Bangkok in the 60's, but as the film studios were making less and less money due t o the popularity of television, the work space shown in the magazine were eventually abandoned. Until this young Thai man Noi (found or inherited it? not sure) starting selling the posters on a little soi (skinny street) in Bangkok.

I was living in Bangkok at the time (2007) always looking for old unusual stuff in street stalls & flea markets, and was a regular to this stall of 60's posters. Noi spoke very little English and I speak little Thai, so our ways of communicating were extremely limited.

The exhibition (on a whim, we decided just a couple of weeks ago to do this) will be a bit of a discovery, hopefully someone who knows more than me about the actors will come. The composition and colouring (and style!) is what attracted me to them first, that rather than a particular interest in Japanese film.

Also the whole thing with abandoned places, how a treasure like that can survive in a humid Bangkok room for 50 years. Looking at the sad effects of innovation, I wonder how many more forgotten rooms like that are in the world, and how much is thrown away. First time I asked seller Noi what the pile of photos just sitting on the asphalted sidewalk were, he just waved and meant it was "just rubbish"."

The exhibition is at at MOKA, 5 Wightman Road, N4 1RQ London, UK.

Opens tomorrow 22nd November!

See for more details.

Thanks to Tanja Malo for the images and info.

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