Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Journey to Shangri-La

On today's Lucky Cat we embark on a journey to the mythical Tibetan idyll of Shangri-La.

I remember being swept away by the Frank Capra film Lost Horizon when I watched it in my childhood.  The novel of the same name, on which the film is based, by James Hilton is available to read online at the Gutenberg Press site.

I had great fun researching the topic of Shangri-La and found that the myth of a utopia is common to many cultures.  This BBC article was indispensable:

I also found this wonderful blog post from Shooting Down Pictures all about the 1937 film Lost Horizon.

Shangri-La is still very much in our consciousness today - most recently when the Malaysian airlines plane went missing newspaper and magazine articles referenced the paradise, wondering wistfully if that's where the plane crash landed by.  The Hong Kong hotel chain Shangri-La is in fact opening a luxury hotel in Tibet!  

I hope you enjoy today's show which features Tibetan buttermilk tea to refresh you weary travellers on the road to Shangri-La.


  • Theme to Lost Horizon - Composed by Dimitri Zinovievich Tiomkin
  • Buddhist Chanting - Chinese Cultural Theatre Group 
  • Over The Rainbow - Wizard of Oz soundtrack LP
  • Over The Rainbow - Little Anthony and the Imperials
  • Blue Skies - Mel Torme
  • Shangri-La - Esther Phillips
  • Tibetan Mountain Song - Dolkar Lhamo
  • Satta Amasagana - Third World (from the Rockers OST LP)
  •  Tibetan Celebration Song - Dolkar Lhamo
  • Over The Rainbow - Dorothy Donegan
  • Extract from the film Lost Horizon 1937
  • Over The Rainbow - Billy Ward and his Dominoes
  • Father and Son Vocal with Erhu from the Streets of Lhasa CD
  • Shangri-La - Ou Yang Fei Ying
  • Nature Boy - Nat Cole
  • Theme to Lost Horizon - Composed by Dimitri Zinovievich Tiomkin
  • Past, Present, Future - The Shangri-Las

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