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Lucky Cat S8 E4 Podcast - Tribute to Sir Run Run Shaw

RIP Sir Run Run Shaw
Here's last Saturday's show which was a tribute to Uncle Six, Sir Run Run Shaw.

There were a few points that I forgot to include:
Every year Run Run held an open audition for new Shaw stars.
Run Run was a keen spotter of talent, except when it came to Bruce Lee.  Run Run did not feel it was necessary to offer Lee more than the standard contract which resulted in Lee making films for another HK studio.
Run Run Shaw's favourite food?  Well he and wife Mona Fong loved to have high tea at the Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel.  However the breakfast regime he adhered too was a little more austere: noodles followed by callisthenics exercise.

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  • Shaolin Temple - Barrington Levi (Kung Fu: Reggae Vs The Martial Arts Trojan compilation CD)
  • Love Without End - Carrie Koo Mei (7" vinyl)
  • The Love Eterne OST - Ivy Ling Po and Betty Loh Ti (Shaw Bros 10" vinyl LP)
  • Shaolin Temple - Masta Killer (Wu Tang)
  • Farewell - Carrie Koo Mei (7" vinyl)
  • Butterfly - Carrie Koo Mei (7" vinyl)
  • Siboney - Connie Francis (2046 soundtrack CD)

The Top 17 Best Run Run Shaw Movies
as voted for by listeners and selected by me

17. Platinum Dragon, 1933 (the first Cantonese sound film starring Cantonese opera star Sit Kok-Sin)

16. Country Bumpkin Visits His In-Laws, 1937  (the only film that Run Run Shaw directed, starring Lam Kwan-San)
Lam Kwan-San

15. Enchanting Shadow, 1959 (Betty Loh Ti movie, Chinese Ghost Story was based on the story in this film)

14. The Vengeful Beauty, 1978(Siu Yam Yam aka Susan Shaw)
Siu Yam Yam

13. Love Without End, 1963 (Starring sweetheart of cinema Linda Lin Dai)

12. Heroes of the East aka Shaolin Challenges Ninja (Gordon Liu, directed bu Lau Kar Leung)

Gatecrashing Ninjas!  Watch Out!

11. The Love Eterne, 1963 (Huangmei opera film starring Betty Loh Ti and Ivy Ling Po). 

10. Have Sword Will Travel, (wu xia film, Chang Cheh directed, Ti Lung and David Chiang (known as The Iron Triangle!))
9. Dirty Ho, 1979 (directed by Lau Kar Leung starring Gordon Liu)
Gordon Liu being downright dirty with superb tache

8. Diagram Pole Fighters, 1983 (directed by Lau Kar Leung starring Gordon Li, actually produced by Mona Fong aka Mrs Run Run Shaw)

7. The Human Goddess, 1972 (Starring Li Ching)

6. The Kid With The Golden Arm, 1979 (dir. Chang Cheh)

5. Come Drink With Me, 1966 (stars Cheng Pei Pei as Golden Swallow.  Considered to be one of the best Hong Kong films ever made.  Beautifully directed by King Hu)

4. Hong Kong Nocturne, 1967 (Musical starring Chen, Lily Ho and Chin Ping.  Directed by Umetsugu Inoue)

3. The Five Fingers of Death aka King Boxer1973 (directed by Chang-hwa Chung (鄭昌和 정창화) and starring Lo Lieh. Released by Warner Bros in the US, along with Enter The Dragon, the film was responsible for beginning the American kung fu film craze.)

2. The One Armed Swordsman, (Iron Triangle In Full Effect!)

1. The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, 1978 (dir. Lau Kar Leung, starring Gordon Liu.  Fun fact: The script was co-written by Infernal Affairs star and HK comedy actor Eric Tsang!)
Gordon Liu and Lau Kar Leung are Number One!
Thanks to everyone who contributed to the list.  Special mention to the members of the Asian Action Cinema Association Facebook Group.

*I was unable to include the much loved The Five Deadly Venoms as it was produced by Run Run's brother Runme.  Fun fact: that film was heavily sampled by RZA.
I was also unable to list The Crippled Avengers for that same reason.

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