Thursday, November 27, 2014

LC S9E2 Nov 2014 - Chiang Kai Shek & Chinese Jamaican Reggae History

  • Kap Thum Laoy - track 20 CD 1, from Laos (from the CD Longing for the Past)
  • Shank I Sheck - Baba Brooks (King Edwards label 7" available to buy here)
  • Wa Do Dem - Eek A Mouse (7" Volcano Label)
  • Show it Off - Beres Hammond (VP triple LP)
  • All Nation Have to Bow - Ranking Devon
  • Ku Oonoh - Reggie Stepper (from the LP Three the Hard Way). This is on the Stalag rhythm.
  • 9.58 - Shuga (Penthouse 7"). This is on the 9.58 rhythm. The rhythm was created to celebrate Ussain Bolt running the 100 metre race in just 9.58 seconds at the Beijing Olympics.
  • Check out this amazing newsreel of Madam Chiang Kai Shek addressing the US House Of Respresentatives:

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