Saturday, April 25, 2015

'Dark Show' - New EP by AM444 is out now!

At last the dynamic duo of ChaCha and Jay Soul (AM444) have their new EP Dark Show out!  The new EP has more of an electronic and futuristic sound than previous releases with Cha Cha's smoky and hypnotic vocals weaving their spell over the listener.  They have a fantastic video for the title track Dark Show, which suits the mood of the EP perfectly, directed by American director Eric Ransdell (Fly Films):

AM444's track Guai Meng (weird dreams in Chinese) from their previous album Rooms, featured on the soundtrack to the Michael Mann film Blackhat (a Sino American thriller starring Chinese film starts Tang Wei, Wang Lihong and “Thor” Chris Hemsworth). Sadly the track couldn't save the film, not even the dynamic duo AM444 could manage that feat.

Dark Show is an EP full of atmosphere; the darker side of life in the metropolis of Shanghai, a futuristic noir, a Blade Runner for the ears!

AM444 plan to tour in the latter part of 2015...Watch this space....

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