Monday, May 18, 2015

Lucky Cat Sat 16th May - Kawaii Petit Koenji Special

Saturday's show was a Kawaii Petit Koenji Special!  I visited the wonderful shop Petit Koenji in Tooting Market and interviewed owner Sabrina Tobuchi, Gizmo also joined in!  

I reviewed Be My Baby, available 

Do let me know your favourite Japanese street food : luckycatzoe  at

Photos of Petit Koenji shop below courtesy of Stella Makinwa. 

Listen here: 

I Will Never Grow Old - Toots and the Metals (Coxsone LP)
Doraemon Theme - Doraemon OST
Unknown Japanese 80s Anime Pop 7"!
Unknown Japanese 80s Space Anime Pop 7"!
Una Sera Di Tokyo - The Peanuts (King Hit Parade vol 5 LP)
A-Ha - The Peanuts (EMI Columbia 7")
Poetry in Motion - The Peanuts (King Hit Parade vol 5 LP)
Ein Weiss SchiffThe Peanuts (EMI Columbia 7")
All I Have is Love - Gregory Isaacs (7")
Lovely Ginza - Atsumi Oomae (King Pop Parade LP)

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