Monday, June 15, 2015


If you've been listening to the show you'll know that I'm currently obsessed with the song Silhouettes, written by Bob Crewe. Here are some of my favourite versions.  If you know any others please feel free to leave a comment.

The original recorded by The Rays:

Little Frankie Lymon:

The Ronettes, (This features audio from the recording - Phil Spector giving direction.  Ronnie giving it back!):

In Reggae:

The Sensations:

The Crown Prince of Reggae Dennis Emmanuel Brown:

Jamaican keyboard player pianist Winston Wright (he played on the famous Liquidator by Harry Js Allstars:

This is NOT the song, or indeed the American Doo Wop group The Silhouettes (of Get a Job fame, named after the Bob Crewe song).  However I stumbled across this whilst searching for versions on Youtube and this is great, a Chinese cover of I Wanna Hold Your Hand by The Beatles:

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