Saturday, June 27, 2015

New Music from China

On this week's show I play a mix of new music from China.  Tune in to 104.4FM at 3.30pm (UK time).


From Genjing Records (
Golden Cage - The Fuzz (7")
Mirror in My Mind - Carsick Cars (7" A side)
Yoko - Carsick Cars (7" B side)

From Dalian the band Wang Wen:
Dalian Sky - Wang Wen (Eight Horse LP)
Welcome to Utopia - Wang Wen (Eight Horse LP)
Escape from Mother Universe - Wang Wen (Eight Horse LP)

From Beijing:

Tracks from Yang Fan's LP What Happened After 1001 Nights LP (cover pictured left):
Arabian Night
Arabian Princess
Blue Night River
The Fly Flies

From Metal Postcard Records we go to Hong Kong for a fantastic piece of Snoop inspired Hip Hop:
Low Profile (lower mix) - Little Albert feat Kwokin
Then back to Shanghai:
Dark Show (Forrane remix) - AM444

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