Monday, June 15, 2015

Lucky Cat 23rd May Playlist and Mixcloud link - Damacha

New Music from China!  I played new tracks from Damacha from his new album Tuhaojin 土豪金 (translates as kind of 'uncouth nouveau riche people') on the Subculture label (album artwork by 33 above). Hold on to your bass bins folks!  Bass in your face sounds satirising post-Deng Xiaoping era Bling China.....

·         The Toughest – Peter Tosh (The Toughest - LP on the Heartbeat label) ·         Tearing – Damacha (from the album Tuhaojin 土豪金)
·         Ming Ming Ai – Damacha (from the album Tuhaojin 土豪金)·         Scraping the Bear - Damacha (from the album Tuhaojin 土豪金)·         GeiNiDat - Damacha (from the album Tuhaojin 土豪金)
·         I’m Going to Like it Here – (Flower Drum Song soundtrack LP)·         Chop Suey – (Flower Drum Song soundtrack LP)·         Talk About Love – Pat Kelly and then Dillinger comes in with First the Girl   (12” on the Chanan-Jah label) Great extended DJ version!·         Stay - Li Xiao Mei (Chinese 7" EP)

I asked listeners to vote for their favourite Japanese street food and I cooked up the winning dish; yakisoba noodles!  I used a mixture of recipes:

You can find a pic of the noodle sand lots of other lovely things on my Instagram feed:

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