Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dried Shrimp Pancakes

Economical and Delicious

To make one pancake use...
For the pancake mixture:
2 desert spoons gram flour
A little water
1 teaspoon Tianjin preserved veg (salty cabbage)
1 spring onion, chopped finely
A few beansprouts
1 desert spoon dried shrimps
A little veg oil

First mix the water and gram flour in a little bowl with a fork and try to make a smooth mixture.
In a small pan heat up the oil and put in the spring onion, dried shrimps, preserved cabbage and beansprouts. Pour the batter mixture over and cook (low heat) until ready to flip over. Serve with some chilli sauce and a few more beansprouts as garnish.

This is an amalgamation of a dried shrimp pancake recipe I found at Rasa Malaysia and an Indian pancake recipe a friend gave me. If you liek extra heat add fresh chilli to the frying pan.

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