Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lucky Cat Series 4 On Air Tomorrow

Lucky Cat returns to Resonance FM for a fourth series tomorrow night at 7pm on Resonance 104.4FM.
An assortment of vinyl and mp3 treats from Kowloon to Kingston, movie reviews, live music, guests and recipes. Check this blog for details or sign up to the Lucky Cat mailing list by emailing me at luckycatzoe at
Alternatively if you're on Facebook then join the Lucky Cat Radio Group.

Listen live on Resonance 104.4FM in London or via anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Great show, Zoë!

Now that I know the when and the how, I'll be tuning in every week. :)

Lucky Cat said...

Thanks Dave, appreciate you tuning in. The DVD you sent arrived today, look forward to watching it thank so much!