Monday, February 08, 2010

Lucky Cat Series 4 Episode 3 - 4th Feb 2010

In this episode I am joined in the studio by special guests Hong Kong in the 60s.
  • Stop the Wedding - Etta James (Argo 7" 45)
  • Shuang Shuang Yan - Deng Bai Ying (In the Mood For Love soundtrack)
  • Footsteps - Hong Kong in the 60s (Willow Pattern Songs EP)
  • Love Me Well - Feng Fei Fei
  • Will the Orange Blossom Smile - Rebecca Pan
  • When You Were Dreaming - Hong Kong in the 60s (new track from forthcoming album)

Spring onion and sesame seed buns are in the lunch box, I got the recipe here.


Jerry said...

The Rebecca Pan song video that Mei Yau mentioned is at Yeah, the song was clearly not written by someone Chinese: "Confucius he said..." Oy! By the way, the new HK60s song is GREAT! Can hardly wait for the album now....

Lucky Cat said...

Durian Dave has put up a post about the 'Willow Pattern Blues' song and video Mei Yau mentioned
( Glad you enjoyed Hong Kong in the 60s music, a great band and a lot of fun to have on the show!