Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The New Yuen Wo Ping Movie

Now I'm excited, this looks pretty fantastic. Forget all the disappointments, all the times you've seen Yuen Wo Ping's name attached to a film and it has turned out to be yet another epic martial arts bag of blah. Beautiful but boring and worthy (The Banquet), given the Hollywood schmaltz treatment (The Forbidden Kingdom) or maybe you're just tired of slo-mo action shots, billowing costumes, wire fighting, lame story lines and CGI phonieness. Perhaps you have epic martial arts film fatigue? It is a common condition these days.

Those were projects that Yuen Wo Ping merely action-directed, he is directing this film. Let us not forget the legacy:
Drunken Master, The Buddhist Fist, Iron Monkey, The Tai-Chi Master and Wing Chun.

Yuen Wo Ping has also been action director on some great films Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (I know some will argue with this one but it's my list and I love Michelle Yeoh!), Fearless, Kung Fu Hustle and Kill Bill 1&2.

Not sure when True Legend (aka Beggar Su - I prefer that title, too many films with 'Legend' in the title already) will get a UK release but I'll keep you posted. Talking of UK releases, Ponyo is coming.......

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