Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mooli and Pork Dumplings

Blimey dumpling crimping is hard, as I found out when I attempted for the first time ever to make my own dumplings. Well, I did cheat a little by using ready bought frozen dumpling skins but they were almost from scratch.

First I peeled and grated half a mooli (smallish one, about 20cm in length)
Then I salted the mooli and left it aside in a bowl for 10mins or so

Next I chopped some ginger and garlic (2 teaspoons each, roughly)
I then took 230g of pork sausage meat (or you can use minced pork) out the fridge.

Wok time. I heated the veg oil up and threw in the garlic and ginger, followed swiftly by the sausage meat. Seasoning: a pinch of five spice powder, dash of soya sauce, dash of mirin, dash of white wine vinegar (I was out of rice wine) and a sprinkle of sugar.

Remember the mooli? I got it and squeezed it in my hands to get the water out before adding it to the wok.

When everything looked ready I transferred the dumpling filling to a bowl and let it cool. When it was cool enough to handle I got my little dumpling flour rounds and put a teaspoon or so of the filling in and folded them in half. Then came the tricky bit, crimping the edges to seal the deal. Must practice!

You can steam, boil or fry. Best served with chilli dip and/or Chinese sweet black vinegar.

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