Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Clive Chin interview on this week's Lucky Cat Radio Show

This coming Saturday 5th March I will air my interview with the legendary Chinese Jamaican Reggae producer Mr Clive Chin.

Clive is the son of Vincent Chin (whose Chinese father moved from mainland China to the West Indies in the 1920s). Vincent Chin opened the the music store and then recording studio Randy's in Kingston Jamaica way back in 1957. Artists to record on the Randy's label included Alton Ellis, John Holt and Lord Creator.

Clive Chin began working at the store and studio aged 15 and in the1970s began to produce tracks of his own, starting up the Impact! record label. His first big record as a producer was 'Java', which he recorded with his school friend Horace Swaby (aka Augustus Pablo, the melodica playing dub legend!).

Clive took a break from music production when he left Jamaica in 1978. He moved to New York and had a Jamaican restaurant there for ten years or so. Now he is very much back in the music business and manages the
Randy's back catalogue along with Impact! and some other selected labels. And what a catalogue of music, in 2007 Randy's celebrated 50 years and brought out the box set 2 CD anthology with documentary DVD.

Recently Clive has been tracing his Chinese roots; touring China and collaborating with Chinese singers (see www.myspace.com/aboverockrecords).

In an interview recorded last year I talk with Clive about his Chinese Jamaican roots and the influence of Chinese music in Reggae and his life in the music business.

This will be broadcast on Saturday 5th March at 3.30pm (UK) on 104.4FM in London and online anywhere via www.resonancefm.com.

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