Monday, March 21, 2011

Podcast & Playlist Lucky Cat Series 5 Ep9 (12th March 2011)

Here's last week's show, which includes tracks from 2 of my all time favourite LPs (Aretha Franklin and Poon Sow Keng). I also review Ip Man 2 - worth seeing for the Donnie vs Sammo fight! Congratulations to competition winner Tom Elliot.

Cine Asia are having a mega sale - loads of martial arts and East Asian films for a Lady Godiva (fiver)! Check out:

There has been a change to broadcasting at Resonance - this coming Saturday 26th March will feature live coverage from the anti-government cuts march in London. Lucky Cat Episode 10 will be broadcast on 2nd April and the last episode of Series 5 will now air on Saturday 23rd April.

  • Thank You For the Many Things You've Done - Cassandra (from the Babylon soundtrack LP)
  • Uptown Top Ranking - Dub Colossus (from the EP Rockers Meet Addis Uptown)
  • Crazy He Calls Me - Aretha Franklin (Soul 69 LP)
  • Where Have All The Flowers Gone - Poon Sow Keng(It's Spring in Autumn LP)
  • La Vie En Rose - Clara Rockmore (Theremin music)
  • Media Control - Cha Cha (on the Jahtari label)
  • Chilli Was Hot - Ruth Wallis (Party Favourites EP on Wallis Recordings, Ruth's own label, not bad for a woman in the 1950's to have her own record label eh?)
  • Grant Avenue - from the Flower Drum Song soundtrack LP
  • Welcome to My Heart - The Bouquets (Girls, Girls Girls CD compilation)

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