Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Lucky Cat Podcast & Playlist Series 5 Ep 8 (5th March 2011)

Last Saturday's episode of Lucky Cat my interview with Clive Chin (see previous post for more info).

  • The Big Beat - Fats Domino
  • Don't Stay Out Late - Lord Creator
  • You Can't Fool Me Again - Peter Tosh & The Wailers
  • Sugar Sugar - Bob Marley & The Wailers
  • Java - Augustus Pablo
  • Harvest in the East - Tommy McCook
  • One Day You'll Know - Cha Cha & Ranking Joe
  • Woman of the Ghetto - Hortense Ellis

More Linkage:
Reggae Vibes Interview with Clive Chin
Places to Buy Represses of Randy's and Impact! label 7"s:
Dub Vendor
Sounds of the Universe (Soul Jazz)

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Chin said...

Yes Zoe, I really like this interview that we did last spring in Brixton. Thanks for posting this wonderful interview yoou did with me................-:)

leon.kratzer said...

Great interview!