Saturday, October 06, 2012

China In Britain Presentation July 2012

Here is is folks, the youtube video of my presentation at the China In Britain event back in July at the University of Westminster. Hope you enjoy. It was my first time presenting to a large audience and I was worried that I was not academic enough but I think my passion and knowledge come through. Despite the nerves I really enjoyed it!

Also on the bill on 18th July were:

Dongshin Chang (City University of New York), Diana Yeh (Birkbeck College and University of East London), Simon Sladen (University of Winchester) and Ashley Thorpe (University of Reading), comedienne, poet and political pundit, Anna Chen (aka Madame Miaow), David Yip (remembered by many for his role as Detective Sergeant John Ho in The Chinese Detective) and actor David Lee-Jones, (currently the lead in Richard III - the first British Chinese actor to be cast as one of Shakespeare’s English Kings).

Read my previous blog posts on China in Britain.

I recorded David Yip's presentation and will play extracts on today's episode of Lucky Cat. Here is David's video:


Anonymous said...

Great talk, Zoë! Informative and fun (a quality that is sorely lacking from most academic conferences).

You didn't seem nervous at all. But you did seem to be keeping your DJ moves in check. ;p

Many thanks for the shout-out.

Lucky Cat said...

Thank you Dave. DJ moves?! Yes I do gesture a lot with my hands, I never realised how much.

Thanks for watching this, I really appreciate your comments.