Saturday, October 06, 2012

Lucky Cat Sat 5th October 2012 Playlist and Bitter Melon Recipe

Today's show features:

Extracts from David Yip's talk at the China in Britain event. Here is a video showcasing his latest project Golden Mountain. For more info see:

Also featured are a number of tunes by movie queen of Amoy-dialect cinema Zhuang Xue Fang. Courtesy of

Zhuang Xue Fang links:

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain:

Hot Lady lobby card from 1958. Ling Po also stars.

Also in today's show music from Japanese girl groups: 5,6,78s and The Dreamlets.
Plus Drinking Song by Hanggai and Let's Be People by Delroy Williams.

Tune in for my easy bitter melon recipe to cool your qi:


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear Zhuang Xue Fang's songs on the radio this morning!

I'm still looking for her Hokkien (Amoy) songs. She switched to singing in Mandarin sometime in the 60s. I suspect her early recordings might only survive on 78s -- and that's a habit I'm afraid to start!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Here's a subtitled interview with Zhuang Xue Fang from a couple of years ago.

Lucky Cat said...

Hello Dave
Glad you enjoyed the show and thanks again for sharing those lovely tune son your blog.
I know what you mean re 78s - i just can't go there either, if i do I'm not sure where it will end! Actually I know where it will end - me penniless in a room full of dusty vinyl and shellac!

Thanks for the youtube clip, a nice little interview.