Friday, October 26, 2012

New Upcoming Exhibition: Between East and West

Photograph of PC William Wong. © Mike Tsang

 This looks like a really interesting exhibition opening in a couple of weeks in London:

‘Between East & West: The British Chinese’

An artistic investigation by documentary photographer and oral history trainer Mike Tsang into what it means to be British-Born Chinese - featuring 12 photographic portraits, archival imagery and written and recorded interviews.

Mike Tsang says: “Most British people’s exposure to Chinese culture is through the Chinatowns or the ubiquitous takeaways of UK cities. But where are the Chinese in culture, sport or politics? ‘Between East & West’ celebrates the role of British-Born Chinese in modern society and challenges the distorted view of Chinese culture as the mystical Orient.”

The project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. 

Open from 6th -16th November @ SW1 Gallery, 12 Cardinal Walk (up escalator), Victoria, London SW1E 5JE.

For more information see:

Mike has kindly send me some of the oral history extracts and I plan to air these on next week's Lucky Cat (Sat 3rd Nov).

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