Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Brilliant new club night next month

I have been meaning to put this up for ages. I am guest DJing in Bolton on 25th March at the Balmoral Hotel at this cool new night called COPESETIC. It will be a great night of vintage sounds - Ska, Soul, RnB and Rocksteady in a friendly venue with cheap booze - what more could you possibly ask for? If you live in the locale or fancy a trip away it would be great to see you there.
Check out the marvellous web site for more details:
Or mosey on over to the Copesetic blog:
Jak Ripley who co-presented the first of my shows on Chinese Jamaican Reggae will be DJing alongside Perry and Rob. Trust me these guys have some phenomenal 45s! Gonna be a scorcher!


perryb said...

Cheers Miss C!
Looking forward to having a boogie during your set. See you in March.

All the Best!

wolf-snaggle-tooth said...

That good for you, But the idea of cheap booze in bolton is really bad idea..
I dont drink & dislike drunk people..
All they wanna do is fight & argue..

I just wanna dance to ska & rocksteady..
& meet a chinese reggae girl to dance with put that on the flyer & wolf-snaggle-tooth is there..

alcapo86ska said...

Perhaps the idiots who get soused and start trouble do so because of the emptyness and unfulfillingness of their lives. Perhaps our society dictates what to wear, listen to, eat, where to go and how to act. Men (for it mostly is men) are expected to be wealthy, verile, sophisticated, humourous, well travelled etc. Most of us do not fit that profile, but some are happy because they have other things of interest and their lives do not depend on what the advertising agencies, "lifestyle" gurus and politicians dictate. The binge drinking culture that has develpoed is obviously a problem, with causes too complex and deep rooted to discuss in what is a light hearted blog. The unfortunate side of people taking flight from the anxiety of modern life in an over developed consumerist society is drunkenness. When people get drunk and lack love and positiveness in their hearts, violence tends to bubble up. My experience is that this generally occurs in mainstream pubs and clubs. A smallish event that is populated by like minded people with similar interests often has a very friendly vibe. It is much less about "pulling" and getting pixilated and more about developing musical knowledge and meeting genuine, warm, like minded people.

alcapo86ska said...

For anyone who is travelling to Bolton for the first COPESTIC night on the 25th March and hasn't organised a B&B, email us for details of s great cheap place near the do that several of us will be staying in.

You can either email Perry on

or go to the site

and click on the contact banner.

See you there!!!

After Brian Kelson's SCORCHER night in Birmingham, several of us from Greater Manchester and London coverged upon our fantastic B&B in Handsworth and utilised Perry's portable Vestax to play tunes on whilst quaffing Wray & Nephews....superb!

Perhaps a similar scene may occur in Bolton, who knows???

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