Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Seoul Raiders - Tony Leung Chiu Wai

Seoul Raiders has been released on DVD by Hong Kong Legends, 27th February. This is not the DVD cover for the UK edition (I like this one more because it's just Tony!). The film co-stars Shu Qi (from The Eye 2 & The Transporter) and Richie Ren (Silverhawk) and is directed by Jingle Ma (brother of Jangle ;-). Lightweight, glossy, comedic kung fu shenanigans. The film tries too hard to be an amalgamation of Western style secret agent/spy/thriller/Charlie's Angels/car chase movies. High production values and capable direction but nothing exceptional. This is a follow up to Tokyo Raiders which I have not seen (please comment here if you have). It's all a bit of silly nonsense really and it's one of those films that makes you keep guessing about Leung's career path. (Don't worry, his new projects sound interesting...see my latest post...).

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Teck Guan said...

It's not a bad show. But the Tokyo is somehow much nicer. I also like movies. Hong Kong movies are so standard.

Nice to know someone with same interest! If I'd have your link, we'd go to China's movie stars' blogs together. :D

See you.