Friday, February 10, 2006

Chinese Contribution to Reggae Music

Today's Lucky Cat show celebrates the Chinese Contribution to Reggae Music. 1 - 2pm Resonance 104.4FM
Today's show will discuss Tom the Great Sebastian, Leslie Kong, Justin Yap and Byron Lee.
Presented by myself Zoe Baxter and guest co-host Jak Ripley.
See Danwei for an interesting article on Chinese Jamaican Reggae Pioneers:
Jak and I are DJing tonight in Camberwell - see for details
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augui said...

tuned in are Tim P from london's top revival night Tighten Up, members of the Blood and fire community, and my humbe self from soundclash radio

great selection and intersting facts!!

perryb said...
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perryb said...

Hi Lucky C from Perryb - I'm having a sh*te Friday. I missed the show 'cos work firewalls fun and I should be with you and Mr. R DJing @ Messy. Ah me!

Lance Boyle said...

Looking forward to part two on Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed Wednesday evening's show too!

I may catch you djing at Copesetic

Lance Boyle said...

Where is the playlist?